About Me

My name is Ehstemai, and I have been a practicing Wiccan priestess for close to 20 years. In that time, I have led covens throughout the U.S., founded interfaith organizations, and trained with some of the best minds in Neopaganism. I have been internationally acclaimed as a spiritual mentor, and have been featured in print, on television, and on the radio. I currently hold the following degrees, accolades, & other bragging points:

  • Ordained Minister, Universal Life Church
  • High Priestess (retired), Circle of the Silver Cord
  • High Priestess (retired), Circle of the Serpent and Staff
  • High Priestess (retired), Coven of the Primal Dawn
  • High Priestess (retired), High Plains Circle of Light
  • Witch Queen (Order of the Red Garter), Four Buckles
  • Esteemed Elder, Circle of the Silver Cord
  • Elder, Circle of the Serpent and Staff
  • Elder, High Plains Circle of Light
  • Esteemed Elder, Coven of the Primal Dawn
  • Founder, Panhandle Pagan Community Alliance
  • President (retired), Panhandle Pagan Community Alliance


About The Courses

In the old days, it was said, “It takes a witch to make a witch.” This is indeed true. Much of what we know about Wicca comes directly from word-of-mouth, hands-on instruction. This had many practical advantages, especially in a culture that shunned pagans and where persecution of pagans was still very frightening. Even in parts of America today, devout pagans may be “in the broom closet” for fear of ostracism or even violence.

In the “Charge of the Goddess”, the Goddess tells her children (all of us) that she does not demand sacrifice. Rather, her path is a path of love, for She is the Mother of All Living Things. We are NOT required to sacrifice or live as ascetics or martyrs in order to serve the God and Goddess. Therefore, if you live in a place where your religious freedom is limited – either due to individual circumstance or the rules of your community or nation – you are NOT required to publicly proclaim your pagan-ness when doing so would cause you harm.

But some of us DO live lives where we are able to be public about our faith, and I am one of those people. Furthermore, it has been my experience that wherever information is limited, the opponents of religious liberty will simply make something up. So whenever I can, I will stand on behalf of the Goddess and her children. I will never pressure another person into revealing their pagan affiliation, but I will stand for my brothers and sisters who are unable to stand for themselves.

Wicca 101

The Wicca 101 course is an online adaptation of a course that I’ve been teaching for over a decade. This course has been taken by Seekers, new pagans, and by friends and family members of a Wiccan or pagan. It has been adapted for instruction to law enforcement and child protection workers, chaplains, and community members. Over the years, it has been refined and developed into its current format.

In every coven I have been asked to lead, the Wicca 101 course was required for Seekers before they applied for membership into our coven. The video course (which is not yet complete!) is expected to be about 4-6 hours in length, so it will of course be broken down into shorter lessons.

This course will be COMPLETELY FREE!!! Developing and teaching this course has been a labor of love for me. I want Seekers, Wiccans, and even cowans to be able to have reliable, accurate, insider information about what Wicca really is and what our faith is all about.

Degree Courses

As time marches on (and I get caught up!), I will unveil courses for a First Degree, Second Degree, and Third Degree. While I will not be offering legal ordinations (I can help my course participants find and obtain those credentials), I will be adapting the courses I’ve taught for over a decade to my coven members for those of you interested in learning more. These programs generally take about a year to complete and are rigorous, challenging programs intended only for the very dedicated Seeker.

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